Hello guys and gals! Welcome to my Hairy-Arms website! My name is Lori Anderson and I have hairy forearms...lol. Inside my site you'll find the very best hi-res digital photos and HD videos of my long, blonde, hairy arms. Wherever I go I have my cameraman following me to catch my blonde hair glistening in the light just right. I find it erotic that my members get off looking at my hairy arms. Sometimes when I draw attention to my hairy arms my friends can't believe how long it is. And then there's the guys that approach me without me telling them about my arm hair and they notice right away. This just isn't a site with some girl with short black arm hair. If you guys are looking for an "all natural" girl next door with long glistening blonde hair all over her body, then you're at the right place. Luv Lori xoxo
Hey guys...I know you like my 2" long glistening blonde hair on my forearms. But have you checked out my hair around my belly button and the top of my butt crack? lol. I also have long blonde hair on the side of my face by my ears and on my neck.
We're on vacation in Cancun filming. Kevin gets a little turned by how tan my body is and the way my blonde hair is glistening in the sunlight off my body. So of course, him being a "hairy arm" lover, hefollowed me around the resort for awhile filming all my hairy body parts. I went all over the resort and stopped to take a shower. This girl came by in her bikini to take a shower as well and watched us as we filmed...lol.

Come inside and see the full video!!!

Keana is a good friend of mine, and she happened to drop by one day. For some reason we started talking about my internet business and hairy arm website came up...she was laughing her ass off that I had a website dedicated to my hairy arms! Anyways, once she started looking at my hairy fore arms Kevin caught her picking through my hair at the kitchen table and he immediately grabbed the video camera. She sat there in amazement as she fondled my arm hair and talked about it. ;-) She maybe a hairy arm lover now too!

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